Valentines Day Dinner For Two at Home

     If you want to make a really romantic dinner, I would suggest something like beef burgundy. You don't want to have to concentrate on the food like cutting the meat and so forth. The beef burgundy or similar stew can be eaten without distraction from your partner.

     Another dinner I find sexy, and romantic, is very simple and there's no cooking involved. This is what you'll need.
  • 1 loaf of French or Italian bread
  • Green and/or Red grapes
  • Cubes of two of your favorite cheeses
  • A bottle or two of your favorite wine
  • Some rolled up slices of your favorite meats, such as salami, corned or roast beef, chicken, etc.
     It's very simple but there's something very romantic about it. Add a couple candles and flowers and some soft sexy music and ................